Gaia - A/B User Test Design


During a two week design sprint with Gaia, we were tasked with designing A/B user tests that could be implemented by the rapid prototyping team in order to increase engagement of new users.

Role: UX Strategy, A/B User Test Design


After exploring the current site interface and features and creating the user flow of a new member, my team chose to focus on creating an educational onboarding experience, a more personalized home screen, and optimizing playlist functionality.

Test: Personalized Homepage Content

Goal: Increase new member engagement by personalizing the homepage with content based on their interests.

CURRENT home page

The images on the left show the current Gaia home page (as of July 2018). In its current state, the page features:

  • irrelevant top navigation headers
  • no logical hierarchy to the way videos categories are listed
  • an endless scroll of videos

home page test

Other tests created by my teammates included:

  • a site tutorial after onboarding that takes the user on a tour of the main functions of the home page
  • an easier path to add videos to a playlist and to access the playlist
  • allowing users the ability to create multiple playlists and browse curated playlists with content specific to their interests